As a divorce lawyer and a Christian I have a unique perspective on marriage.  I value it as a sacrament while at the same time I recognize that laws allow the legal relationship to be brought to an end.  usually I hear the explanation of the warning signs when it is too late for the couple to salvage their relationship. 1. The conversation shifts from us to me.  You used talk about joint goals and plans.  Now one of you is talking about his or her plans only.  Another way to put this is that you are now roommates. 2. Mutual Respect is Lost. The history of give and take has been replaced with recriminations and lack of understanding and forgiveness. 3. The candle flame of romance is flickering out.   Passion is important and someone can tell when the passion is lost. 4. One of you is seeking emotional support and/or physical love outside your relationship.  This one needs no explanation. 5. You don’t talk to your spouse; and your spouse does not talk to you.   Deep conversations are a hallmark of a close friendship and trusting relationship. If you see the warning signs, try to find a way to confront them and salvage your relationship before it’s too late. _______ Scott Allen is a divorce attorney in Raleigh, NC with over nineteen years of experience in all areas of family law litigation and settlement.