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When a Therapist Can Help.

Life is a mix of experiences, ranging from joyous moments to challenging hurdles.  While divorce and separation may be the reason you are reading this article, there are other reasons to consider the help of a qualified therapist.   Many navigate  ups and downs with...

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The Importance of Special Needs Trusts

First-party special needs trust Types of special needs trusts Why you may need a Special Needs Trust  If you have a child or other family member living with a disability, it’s crucial to make sure that your estate plan does not jeopardize the disabled person’s...

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NC Child Support – Worksheets A and B

NC Child Support – Worksheets A and B

  Child support under the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines is based on a number of variables.   I frequently get questions about the difference between Worksheet A and Worksheet B.   The application of these worksheets can result in severe changes to the...

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