Family Law

Family law is a branch of law that deals with legal issues related to family relationships and domestic matters. It covers a wide range of legal issues, including marriage, divorce, child custody and support, adoption, paternity, domestic violence, alimony, and property division.

A family lawyer is concerned with resolving disputes and conflicts.  Ths can be in court and through various settlment alternatives.

Family law is governed by state laws and vary depending on the jurisdiction. Family law cases are emotional and complex, and it is important to seek the advice and guidance of an experienced family law attorney to ensure that your rights and interests are protected.

The Divorce Lawyer’s Role

A divorce lawyer is an attorney who specializes in handling legal issues related to the dissolution of a marriage. They are trained and experienced in dealing with the legal complexities of divorce, including property division, child custody and support, spousal support, and other related matters.

A divorce lawyer can represent clients who are seeking to initiate divorce proceedings or those who are responding to a divorce petition. They can advise clients on their legal rights and options, help them navigate the divorce process, negotiate with the other party, and represent them in court if necessary.

In addition to legal expertise, divorce lawyers have training and experience in mediation to help clients reach amicable agreements and avoid prolonged and costly litigation.

If you are considering a divorce or are facing divorce proceedings, it is important to seek the advice and guidance of a reputable and experienced divorce lawyer who can help protect your rights and interests throughout the process.

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Scott Allen has been practicing law since 1994 in Raleigh, NC and has counseled hundreds of clients through family law cases.

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More About Scott Allen

I have been a family law attorney in Raleigh, NC since 1994.   So I have seen how marriages can break apart.  The reasons vary.  People grow apart as interests diverge.  Affairs, addictions, and abuse are all too common.

I have litigated hundreds of cases, served as a mediator, settled cases, and served as a parent coordinator in high-conflict cases after being appointed by judges to help in cases.  I have the experience to guide you through the divorce process and address your leal needs.

Separation Agreements

A contract covering child custody, child support, alimony/spousal support, and property and equitable distribution agreements.


How much money should I expect to pay or receive?

Discovery and Depositions

Infidelity testing, private investigators, and why you’ll want a lawyer at your deposition.

Child Custody

The standard that judges use in a custody cased is the “best interest of the child,” taking into account the needs of the child, the conduct of the parents, and the child’s environment.

Property Distribution

North Carolina is an equitable distribution state, but the judge has the authority to divide property bases upon concepts of fairness and the statute NCGS 50-20.

Child Support

The law in North Carolina on child support presumes that parents have a financial responsibility towards their children.

Domestic Violence

The North Carolina General Assembly defines domestic violence as an action upon another party or minor living with or in the custody of the person with whom the aggrieved party has or has has had a personal relationship.

Premarital Agreements

A premarital agreement, often called a prenuptial agreement, is a contract entered into prior to marriage that sets out obligations and rights of the spouses in the event of divorce or death.


Most everyone who gets married and then has immediate second thoughts wants to know if they can get an annulment in North Carolina.


“Scott was wonderful throughout the long process and it was clear to me that Scott was knowledgeable of case-law and the Wake County Court system, as well as being especially strong in court. His representation resulted in additional parenting time following the temporary custody trial and since the case proceeded to a full trial, I was ultimately awarded the custody arrangement I was seeking. My daughters reside in Wake County and now if my ex-wife chooses to relocate, I’ll have full legal custody of the girls. Throughout the process, Scott was responsive, provided extremely helpful advice, and genuinely cared about the outcome of my case. I would strongly be recommended Scott’s representation for custody matters in North Carolina.”   Jon H.

“Scott Allen and his team were sensational during my divorce proceedings. They kept me well-informed about the procedures, requirements, and options. They took the time to explain to me every step of the decisions and options as we moved forward in my life. Their support, knowledge, and presence were comforting in my time of need and help me get through the ordeal. While no divorce is a pleasant outcome they help me secure my life and begin a new chapter with a fresh start. Their extensive knowledge of the law and arbitration and negotiation skills were invaluable in getting a good settlement and resolution. I am very pleased that I selected Scott and his team to represent me. I would emphatically recommend Scott and his team to anyone who is facing a divorce or the possibility of a divorce in Raleigh. They are highly skilled Raleigh divorce lawyers who can provide you with the necessary legal support and guidance during this challenging time.”    Steven D.

“I was out of options and Scott was there to help. I have spoken to or met many attorney’s in Wake County and Scott was the only one that REALLY actually cared about my situation. It sounds cliche’ but it’s not. I could clearly tell that Scott had given a lot of thought to my case. Scott has extensive knowledge of the faimly law. That knowledge coupled with his cerebral approach and courtroom presence were a savior.”    Ken