Divorce, separation, death, and long-term illness of a family member are among the most stressful events you’ll encounter in life.  We can help you.  

We have the experience and knowledge to help you when you need help most.

Divorce and Elder Law Attorneys to Guide You Through Life’s Trying Times

The caring attorneys at Allen and Spence have been practicing law since 1994 and have the experience to guide you through these trying periods while minimizing the impact on your finances that these dramatic life events can cause.

We know that losing a spouse to death, separation or divorce, or admitting a family member to a nursing home is stressful enough.  You shouldn’t have to worry about whether you’ll have enough money to live on, who’ll take care of your children, or if you’ll lose everything.

We have helped hundreds of clients in these types of situations protect their assets and their families and we can help you.

wills estates
Wills & Estates

Whether you need help planning your own estate or probating the will of a loved one, we can guide you.

Child Custody
Family Law

We know how hard it is to find someone you can trust to help you.

Elder Law
Elder Law

When you or your loved one need help with Medicaid and planning for the next stage in life, we can help.

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From the simple to the complex.  We have the experience you need.