Raleigh Divorce: Four Steps

Divorce and separation can be overwhelming.  If you are thinking about going through a divorce in Raleigh, I suggest you consider the following steps to help you get through it:

Check: There is lots of information on the Internet about divorce and divorce lawyers.  Look for at least two different lawyers and schedule consultations.  Search for experience.  Some lawyers will meet with you or talk to you for free, some charge a consultation fee.

Act: Meet with the lawyers you researched.   Meet with attorney who practices frequently in Wake County and is familiar with the local rules and local attorneys and judges.   Explain your situation.  Give background. Ask questions.  At the end of the interview ask yourself: Do I like this person?  Do I feel comfortable with him or her?

Plan: You are paying for your attorney’s advice and if you did your research you know you can trust your lawyer. Friends and family, although they mean well, are not divorce lawyers.   Heed your lawyer’s advice.

Do: Once you and your lawyer have a plan, work on it.   Take steps to protect your assets.  Try to set aside enough cash or credit to tide you over until property and support matters can be resolved.  Copy financial documents.  Journal custody matters for your lawyer.  These are but a few of the suggestions your lawyer may have.  Again, listen to your lawyer and act.