If you are in spousal support and property distrinution case in Wake County you must particpate in a mandatory family financial mediation process.  It’s part of the Wake County Local Rules.  I get many questions about the mediation process adn what it means.  Here are the most important things for you to know:

  1. Mediation is mandatory if a sposual support or property distribution case is filed with the court in Wake County.   This means that unless good cause is shown and the judge lets you out of it, you must particpate.
  2. Either you agree with the other side on a mediator or one is picked by the court.
  3. Unless the parties or court orders otherwise, the costs of the mediator are paid equally by the parties.
  4. Financial mediation is different than requried custody mediation.   For required custody mediation, the mediator is provdied and paid for by Wake County.
  5. The mediation process is confidential.  This means that if the case does not settle then offers back and forth can’t be known by the court or used as evidence.
  6. The mediator is not a judge.   If you get to mediation and don’t want to settle that is up to you.  if mediation famils then a judge can resolve the dipute at a later time.

There is more to know but those are the basics.   If you are in a case and looking for an attrony to help you, family law attorney Scott Allen handles these kinds of cases every day and more than thirty years of experience working in family law.  If you have questions or need assistance call him at (919) 863-4183 or email at sallen@allenspence.com