I have seen all these things I’ve listed below.  Let them be amusement for the wise and  words of caution to the foolish:

  1. Don’t carry alcohol with you.
  2. Don’t ask for a break from your hearing saying you need to run get “paperwork” out of your car and then do cocaine in your car and come back to court without the “paperwork.”
  3. Don’t threaten your spouse.
  4. Don’t talk over the judge.
  5. Don’t wear a t-shirt to court that says “F___ Authority!”.
  6. Don’t go target shooting and inadvertently leave an empty pistol magazine and ammo in your briefcase and expect to get through security.
  7. If you are accused of domestic violence do not wear a sleeveless shirt to court.
  8. Don’t ever wear a sleeveless t-shirt to court.
  9. When the deputy asks you to take your hat off in the courtroom don’t argue with him.
  10. If you are accused of domestic violence don’t try to sit next to your accuser in the courtroom.
  11. Don’t post on Facebook anything that you would be embarrassed about if it is shown or read in open court.
  12. Don’t tweet from the courtroom.