I ask this question all the time of my clients:  “What is important to you?”  After all, it is the client’s situation, the client’s money, and the client’s future wellbeing at stake.

If I don’t know the answer to that single question, I cannot help my client.  Why?  Because if I don’t know what is important to my client, i cannot begin to help them achieve their goals.  Make sure your attorney asks you what is important to you.

  • Do you worry about your financial security?
  • Are you worried about the welfare of your children?
  • Are you worried about maintaining a working relationship with your spouse after the divorce?

These are just examples.  One or more of these things, or other things, might be important to you.   Tell your attorney what is important to you.


Scott Allen is a divorce attorney in Raleigh, NC with over eighteen years of experience in all areas of family law litigation and settlement.