What if your Medicaid application is denied?

We’ve been helping clients apply for Medicaid in Wake County and other counties throughout North Carolina for over twenty-five years. During that time, we’ve sometimes encountered caseworkers who unfortunately don’t know or don’t understand the Medicaid eligibility rules. Since we have a lot of experience with the Medicaid law and our state eligibility manual, we’re able to show the caseworker that the information they’re providing is incorrect and we can generally resolve potential problems before an application is denied. However, every time we hear a statement from a caseworker about a Medicaid eligibility rule that we know is incorrect, we’re troubled at the thought of what happens to people who don’t have the help of an elder law attorney when they apply for Medicaid.

Is the information you’ve been given by the Medicaid caseworker correct?

The majority of people applying for Medicaid have no idea that the information they’re receiving from the local Medicaid office is often just plain wrong. They may be told they don’t qualify for Medicaid or Special Assistance to help cover the cost of their nursing home or assisted living care when they are, in fact, eligible.

Help with Medicaid Denials and Appeals

If you’re applying for long-term care Medicaid, we can help guide you through the application process or even make the application for you. If you’ve applied for Medicaid and have been denied, we’re happy to review your situation to determine if your denial was incorrect, and we can help you either appeal or reapply.

Amanda Spence has been practicing Elder Law and assisting clients with Medicaid in counties throughout North Carolina since 1995. If need help with a Medicaid application or appeal, contact Ms. Spence by telephone at (919) 863-4183 or by email at aspence@allenspence.com to schedule a consultation.