Temporary child support is child support ordered pending a final determination of child support.   Under Wake County local rules, temporary child support hearings are limited in duration to one hour of court time.

Temporary child support may be requested in a complaint, counterclaim or in a motion filed by a party.  It is not unusual to see a temporary child support request coupled with a request for past or retroactive child support.  The purpose of temporary child support is to get an amount of support in place pending final resolution of the case. Temporary child support is, in most cases, bases upon application os the North Carolina child support guidelines.   In some situations, the guidelines do not apply and the court will determine temporary child support based upon the incomes and expenses of the parties.  These are often presented in court in the form of financial affidavits.

The Wake County Local Rules have specific requirements to temporary child  support cases tried in Raleigh:

              6.3  Temporary Child Support Hearings. A hearing shall be set and a temporary child support order entered pursuant to N.C.G.S. § 50-32. Only upon the request of an attorney or party shall the assigned FCCC schedule a temporary child support hearing in accordance with these Rules.

  1. (a)  Length of Hearing. Temporary child support hearings shall be limited to 1 hour. Each party will have up to thirty minutes to present his or her case, including direct and cross-examination, opening statements and closing arguments. With written notice to the opposing party at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled hearing date, parties may request from the Court additional time, which the assigned Judge may allow in his or her discretion.
  2. (b)  Use of Affidavits. Evidence in temporary child support hearings may be by affidavits. An affidavit is a sworn statement of fact, written down, signed, and witnessed by a taker of oaths such as a notary public. Parties wishing to use affirmative affidavits from the parties, accountants, private investigators or other third parties must deliver the affidavits (excluding attorney’s fee affidavits) to the other party by any means reasonably calculated to ensure receipt no later than ten (10) days prior to the scheduled hearing. Rebuttal affidavits, i.e., affidavits that are a direct response to the opposing party’s affirmative affidavits, shall be delivered to the other party by any means reasonably calculated to ensure receipt no later than five (5) days before the scheduled hearing. The Court will not consider affidavits which are not served on the opposing party in accordance with these Rules.
  3. (c)  Temporary Order. The temporary child support order shall be non-prejudicial to both parties. In Guidelines cases, a completed Child Support Worksheet (AOC-CV-627, 628, or 629) shall be attached to the temporary order which is filed with the Clerk of Court.
  4. (d)  Dismissal of Temporary Child Support Claim. If a party asserts a claim for temporary child support, he or she must schedule the claim for hearing so that it is heard within sixty (60) days of the filing of the claim. If the claim is not timely scheduled for hearing, the claim may be involuntarily dismissed without prejudice for failure to comply with these Rules.



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