In the field of child support cases, Attorneys fees play a vital role. In this blog you will understand the attorney’s fees for the child support proceedings, mainly focusing on the provisions outlined in NC General Statute 50-13.6. Through a deep dive into the legal context of fee awarding, the factors that affect it and procedures for requesting fees, expert insight as well as the advantages of fair fee awards this blog post provides a complete source for those who are trying to understand the maze that arise from child support lawsuits.

The usual rule of law in North Carolina and the U.S. is that a party must pay his or her attorney’s fees unless there is a statute that shifts the burden to the other party.  We have such a statute in NCGS 50-13.6 that allows the district court judge to award attorneys fees to a party who cannot pay in a child support or child custody case.

The district court judge has much discretion in deciding whether to award attorney’s fees and how much to award.  Different judges have different views of how much to award in fees.

Exploring NC General Statute 50-13.6

NC General Statute 50-13.6 is the mainstay of lawyer’s costs in cases involving child support. The statute defines the conditions for which parties can be able to seek reimbursement for legal representation expenses. It outlines the scenarios in which fee awards can be claimed and stresses the necessity of having equal access to lawyers for every party in child support disputes. Knowing the intricacies of this law is vital to anyone who is navigating the legal waters of child support.

Procedures for Seeking Attorney’s Fees

In order to seek attorney’s expenses pursuant to NC General Statute 50-13.6, parties must follow a specific procedure. They have to present proof to support their claim for payment of fees. The evidence could consist of evidence that demonstrates financial assets, and detailed bills, and also proves the importance and effectiveness the legal assistance. The presentation of a convincing argument in support of fee awards requires meticulous preparation and compliance with procedures.


Understanding the complexities of attorneys’ costs in support of children’s proceedings, in accordance with NC General Statute 50-13.6, allows individuals to navigate the legal complexities without fear. By studying the law, factors that affect fees, the legal considerations as well as expert advice as well as the overall advantages of fair fee compensation and ensuring that their rights are safeguarded and that their voice is heard in child support cases. Since child support cases affect families’ lives knowing the nuances of attorney’s fees is crucial to ensure an equitable and fair result.

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