Your divorce is behind you.   The schedule with the children is working out. You are in a new home, moving on, day-by-day.  Nothing else to worry about, right? Smooth sailing?

Unfortunately, no. There are some other things for you to think about as you move forward.

Here’s a checklist:

  • update your will and estate planning documents
  • double check the beneficiaries on accounts
  • mark important dates on a calendar (for example, if you have to work out a summer schedule by mid-April, put it on a calendar)
  • make sure all joint accounts with your ex-spouse have been closed
  • run a credit report to make sure there are no joint debts or debts in your name that you were not aware of
  • keep proof of any child support or spousal support you pay or receive
  • keep records of expenses that your ex-spouse has an obligation to reimburse you for (like part of the uncovered health care expenses for the children)… and timely submit those receipts.
  • keep your important legal documents in a safe place where you can access them



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