I heard this the other day and I thought I’d pass it on to you:  “In the courtroom you have credibility one time.”   What does that mean?

It’s simple.   If you as a witness in court or a party lie to the court or allow a misimpression to form, you will have lost your one shot at believability and you will never regain the trust and confidence of the court.    Credibility, once lost, is very difficult if not impossible to recover.  The loss of credibility can and will have a negative impact on your chances of getting the result you want from the court.

Here are some tips:

> Disclose everything to your lawyer.  If you withhold necessary information, your lawyer can’t properly prepare and pursue your goals or respond to matters in your case.

> Be honest with your lawyer.   Even if you have done some things you are not proud of, make sure your lawyer knows.  That information is necessary so you can get advice that has considered the true facts, not just the facts you think are helpful to your case.

> Take the oath seriously: tell the truth in court, your deposition, and when you sign a court paper.